The Minister's Annual Manual (Canada) 2016-2017

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This essential preaching resource includes material for every Sunday, beginning in August 2016, as well as special services like Thanksgiving and Ash Wednesday. Each day's materials include:

  • Speaker's Introduction for the Lessons
  • Theme
  • Thought for the Day
  • Call to Worship
  • Pastoral Prayer
  • Prayer of Confession
  • Prayer of Dedication of Gifts and Self
  • Hymn of the Day
  • Children's Time
  • A full Sermon (based on the lectionary readings)

You can rely on the work of more than seventeen active pastors from various denominations to assist you in your worship planning, or use The Minister's Annual Manual as a devotional to focus your thoughts on the coming week's lessons.
Includes CD-ROM!
Including the materials on CD-Rom gives you more flexibility in creating your worship and sermon materials. Simply paste your selection into your document…no more re-typing! Includes two formats: Rich Text Format and plain Text, making things easy for both PC and Mac users.
Includes FREE online access to our Children’s Sermon Index!

The Minister's Annual Manual (Canada) 2016-2017