Premarriage Awareness Inventory Starter Pak

Pastors have the unique privilege of helping couples establish a life together. Premarriage Awareness Inventory is a simple and effective marriage preparation tool that reveals important issues couples need to address prior to marriage. Partners answer questions tailored to their situation and their responses create a basis for further discussion.

  • The Premarriage Awareness Inventory (PAI) comes in three forms to assist pastors with customized packets for each couple they counsel.
  • PAI Form F is tailored to the needs of couples who are being married for the first time and who have not lived together for a significant period prior to marriage.
  • PAI Form C is for couples who live together, preparing them for the changes that will happen when they add the commitment of marriage to their relationship.
  • PAI Form R is focused on the unique needs of couples in which one or both persons have been previously married.

The resource includes two basic elements:

  • The Counseling Packet contains the survey forms the couple completes (your choice of Form F, Form C, or Form R) and the form for completing a comparative analysis of their responses.
  • The Administrator’s Portfolio is your permanent reference tool for evaluating completed inventories.

Complete your counseling program with the premarriage reader, A Good Beginning. It contains basic information about the transitions involved in starting a marriage.

Starter Pak
If you are new to the Premarriage Awareness Inventory, save money and order a Starter Pak. The Starter Pak includes one of everything in the program:

  • One complete Administrator’s Portfolio
  • One copy of each Counseling Packet ( Form F, Form R, and Form C)
  • One copy of the premarriage reader A Good Beginning
Premarriage Awareness Inventory Starter Pak