Faithful Citizen Starter Kit

Living Responsibly in a Global Society

Faithful Citizen is a six-session small group adult study developed by the Center for the Congregation in Public Life that explores two views of current American life – individualism and the common good – and asks how to faithfully respond to the interlocking global challenges of economics, ecology, security, and health.

Each session may be conducted in one hour or expanded to include a meal and personal sharing.

• Session 1: Global Society “Why worry about the world’s troubles? I’ve got enough of my own!”

• Session 2: Global Economy “Is my job going to China?”

• Session 3: Global Ecology “I’ve changed my light bulbs. Now what?”

• Session 4: Global Security and Governance “Why don’t I feel safe? And besides, why do they hate us?”

• Session 5: Global Health “Why risk getting shots if plenty of other people refuse to be immunized?”

• Session 6: Civic Virtue “How can we teach citizenship? We don’t even have time to eat together!”

The course includes a DVD with six 10-minute conversations between renowned sociologist Robert Bellah, author of Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life, and Donald W. Shriver Jr., Emer. Pres., Union Theological Seminary (NYC). The DVD also includes six 5-minute clips that uncover the challenges, tensions, and unresolved dilemmas created by the current global situation.  

*Click here to download a sample of the introduction.

Faithful Citizen Resources:

1.   A six-session Leader Guide with detailed session plans and discussion questions for each week. Also includes a DVD with two video segments for each session (1 hour 30 minutes total).

2.   A 122-page Study Guide includes weekly background information on topics plus discussion questions, prayers, and resources for reflection. Purchase 1 Study Guide for each participant. Click here to order.  $16.95 ea

How To Get Started

Purchase 1 Starter Kit and a Study Guide for each participant. 



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Faithful Citizen Starter Kit