Embracing Emergence Christianity DVD

Best-selling author and authority on religion in America, Phyllis Tickle invites us to join her in examining the changing face of Christianity and culture. Phyllis surveys 2000 years of Western history, identifying the great upheavals that occur in Western culture and Christianity every 500 years. The last was the Great Reformation of the 1500s; the next is happening now. 

What are the implications of this “Great Emergence,” both culturally and spiritually? What are the key questions and issues that need to be addressed? Where might we be headed next? And, perhaps most importantly, where are you, at his moment? Might you be an emergence Christian? 

There are six sessions on the DVD. Each session begins with a video presentation by Phyllis Tickle, lasting from 10-15 minutes. Ms. Tickle’s presentation is followed by filmed interaction with a small group. The Participant Workbook then helps your small group “join the dialogue” in your own setting. Click here to order workbooks.

  • Session 1: Emergence 101                                             
  • Session 2: Where Now is the Authority?                    
  • Session 3: The 20th Century and Emergence
  • Session 4: Gifts from Other Times
  • Session 5: How Then Shall We Live?
  • Session 6: Hallmarks of Emergence 

Phyllis Tickle is an authority on religion in American and a much sought-after lecturer on the subject. Founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly, she is frequently quoted by media sources including USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, PBS, NPR, the Hallmark Channel, plus innumerable blogs and websites. Tickle also is the author of over two dozen books in religion and spirituality, most recently The Great Emergence, How Christianity is Changing and Why and The Words of Jesus, A Gospel of the Sayings of Our Lord.

      Tim Scorer facilitated the discussions with Marcus Borg for Embracing an Adult Faith and wrote the accompanying study guide. Tim is an educator, writer, facilitator, retreat leader and spiritual director who lives near Vancouver, Canada. He also works there part time in adult faith formation at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church.


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Embracing Emergence Christianity DVD