Embracing an Adult Faith DVD

In this five-session resource, participants enjoy the rare privilege of witnessing Marcus Borg in actual dialogue via DVD with a small group of adults as they honestly – and sometimes painfully – confront the big questions and work together toward authentic answers. Dr. Borg invites us into the discussion as he revisits the most fundamental questions of Christianity: Who is God? What does salvation mean? What place does Jesus hold in contemporary Christian faith? The five sessions include: God, Jesus, Salvation, Community, and Practice.

Each session includes a 10-minute video presentation by Marcus Borg followed by his in-teraction with the group. The Participant Workbook helps small groups enter the dialogue in their own setting. It also can be used as a resource for personal reflection. Click here to order workbooks.

Sessions are flexi-bly designed for 1-2 hours in length and are expandable to more than 1 session per topic if desired. Four to seven options are offered for further exploration, making this an excellent re-source for ongoing study, for groups preparing to reaffirm their faith, and for mature adults ask-ing how faith relates to daily life and contemporary world issues.

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Embracing an Adult Faith DVD