Crossings Confirmation Program
Written by top scholars and authors Thomas G. Long, Mark A. Throntveit, and John Indermark, this unique confirmation program focuses on exploring the 8 core stories of the Bible, relating the core biblical story to our individual stories, and participating in the real life practices of the Christian church through worship, community, devotional life, and service. 

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Take the X-Treme Bible Trivia challenge! 
Our new confirmation program called Crossings has a fun game called Crossings X-Treme Bible Trivia Game. If you're feeling confident, click on the link below.

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Making Disciples: A Mentor-based Confirmation Program
Written by well-known author William Willimon, this popular confirmation program is more like a process and less like a reading assignment; more engaging and congruent with the nature of the Christian faith than existing programs. Click on the link below to view a sample of Making Disciples, the purpose of a mentor-based approach, and a process for getting starting in this exciting program.  
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Certificate of Confirmation

This unique, high-quality certificate for confirmation comes with its own envelope.

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Pocket Guide to the Bible

A Little Book about the Big Book 

This book contains the "trifecta" for teaching youth: Fun, Informative, and Brief! At last a book about the Bible that is truly fun to read. Boyett offers a glossary of biblical terms, a list of key characters, and a summary of every book of the Bible. 

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How to Be a Perfect Stranger 

This easy-to-use guidebook, with an "Everything You Need to Know Before You Go" checklist, helps the well-meaning guest to feel comfortable, participate to the fullest extent possible and avoid violating anyone's religious principles-while enriching their own spiritual understanding.

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