Free Children's Sermons



May 31, 2015

John 3:1-17

Prop: A circle such as a paper plate with the words GOD, JESUS, and SPIRIT written around the circle, on the outer inch of it.

(Hold up the circle so the children can see it with the word God at the top; cover the other two words with your hands.) Who can tell us what this three-letter word is? (Allow time for answers.) I think it is wonderful that the word God is such a short one. Even small children can learn how to spell God’s name. Let’s spell it together: G - O - D, God. Let’s do it again: G - O - D, God. (Put the circle down.) How do we spell God? (Allow time for answers.) All together, one last time: G - O - D.


Now that we know how to spell God’s name, I want to know who God is. If someone who had never heard of God before asked you who God was, what would you say? (Allow time for answers. At the end of this part of the discussion, repeat their ideas, ending with “God made us.” If they don’t say it, then you should add it to the list.) God has always been around, from the beginning and even before the beginning.


No matter what we can name in the universe, God started it all! This includes Jesus. (Turn the circle so that the word Jesus is at the top of the circle, covering up only the word Spirit.) God has always been in the world, but people have not always had an easy time figuring out what God was like, so God sent us Jesus to tell us and to show us. Jesus once said, “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” He used the word Father for God. When people listen to Jesus and follow his teachings, they can be pretty sure they are doing what God would want.


After Jesus left this earth, God’s Spirit came to us. (Hold up the circle with the word Spirit at the top.) God’s Spirit has always been around, but now people could feel it close by, helping them in  a special way. We cannot see God’s Spirit, but when we are scared, sad, or need help, God’s Spirit is right there with us. We are never alone.


(Hold up the circle and point to each part of the Trinity as you talk.) We have God who made everything, right from the beginning; we have Jesus who helped us know God; and we have God’s Holy Spirit who never leaves us. We are really fortunate, aren’t we?


Let’s pray: Thank you, loving God, for being with us in so many ways. Thank you for making us and our world, for sending us Jesus so we can know you better, and for sending your Holy Spirit to be with us always. We pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.