Free Children's Sermon


Signs of Christmas

November 29, 2015

Luke 21:25-36


Prop: Christmas cookies (one for each child) in the shape of a candle, or at least a long and thin (3” x 1”) cookie, similar to a candle. You might want to have each candle in a zip-bag so they stay sanitary and do not make a mess. This prop will be used throughout Advent, with two candle cookies next week, three the next and then four. They could be store-bought or you might ask a person or group to do this for you. If they are done far ahead, freeze them in a tightly closed container to keep them fresh and intact. Also, if your memory needs some help, have a pen and pad on which to write their wish-list ideas.


Today is the first Sunday of Advent. The church celebrates Advent on the four Sundays that come before Christmas Day. It is our way of getting ready for Christmas. Here at church we see signs that Advent has begun. By a “sign” we do not mean words written on something, like a stop sign or an exit sign. A sign also means a clue or a hint that something is happening. One of these signs is the Advent wreath. During worship today we will be lighting the first Advent candle and talking about the coming of Christ into the world. What other signs do you see in the sanctuary today that tell us Jesus’ birthday is coming soon? (Time to share. Some possible answers: decorations such as a tree and greens, and the change of liturgical colors on the pulpit, walls, and the pastor’s stole from green to purple.)


At Christmas time some families ask everyone to make a list of what they want for Christmas. Today I’d like you to help make a wish list, but not of presents you want for yourself. I would like you to think about wishes you have for some of the things you would like to see happen in the world. A wish I have for the world is that people would be kind to one another. (Write their ideas down so they can be included in the closing prayer. Be prepared with other ideas of your own, if needed.) These wishes are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your ideas.


I would like each of you to take home one candle cookie, to remind you this is the first Sunday of Advent. Wait until after worship to eat it. (Hand them out now or after the prayer.)


Now, let’s close our time together by praying for the things we wrote on our wish list for Christmas. Lord, we pray for . . .