Free Children's Sermons


God Gives Healing

February 1, 2015

Mark 1:21-28


Prop: Familiarity with the story that follows. (Note: This event is essentially true. An event  very much like this one happened in Dassel, MN, over 30 years ago.)


Brian liked two things best in all the world: one was to suck on hard candies and the other was to run as fast as he could. What Brian didn’t know was that he should not do both of them at the same time, and that’s what got him into trouble.


“I need something sweet,” Brian said to himself one day. “I wonder if there are still some of those fat peppermints in the candy bowl.” It was close to supper time and he did not want to take the chance that his mother would say no if he asked, so he lifted the cover carefully and popped the peppermint into his mouth. He headed for the backyard. “Yum! This is good!” Brian squealed and started jumping up and down. “This is really good!” he yelled as he began to race toward his favorite climbing tree, but before he reached the tree, he tripped on one of its roots. Brian went flying through the air and as he hit the ground, the candy went down his throat and stuck there. He couldn’t get it up or down. Then, he couldn’t breathe at all and soon everything went dark.


Brian’s mother found him lying in the yard. He was very pale and she couldn’t hear any breath. She ran to the house and called for an ambulance. It came quickly and they started working on Brian to get his breathing started again. They did not know how long he had been without air and were afraid his brain might be damaged. At the hospital, they put him on a breathing machine, but he had gone into a coma, which means a deep sleep. The doctors did not know if he would ever wake up or if Brian would ever be alright again.


Brian’s mother called the minister at church and soon many people began gathering at the church to pray for Brian and his family. Everyone was very worried, but they never stopped asking God to heal Brian and to save his life. For three days, there was always at least a small group of people praying for him and his family. When some people went home to sleep, others came to take their places, and the prayers never stopped. They knew we cannot tell God what to do, but they were praying that if it was at all possible, God would save Brian and heal him. They also prayed that Brian’s family would feel God’s loving arms around them as they waited for whatever was to come.


On the fourth day, Brian came out of his deep sleep. His parents could not believe their ears when his eyes opened and he said, “Mama?” Brian was awake and he was speaking. It was a miracle! He was not going to die and he was able to use his brain to think and to talk. To begin with, Brian was weak, but the nurses and doctors helped him get his strength back again. Soon he was doing his two favorite things: eating candy and running but never at the same time!


There are many things we can learn from this story. One is that when someone in the church family needs support, people are there to help them and to pray with them and for them. It might have happened that Brian could not be saved, which would have been very sad. That would have made God sad too, but God would be with them to help them through it. We are never alone.


Let’s pray: Thank you, loving and healing God, for always being with us. Thank you too for the comfort our church family gives us. Amen.