Free Children's Sermons

Palm Sunday

March 29, 2015

Mark 11:1-11


Prop: A children’s Bible story version about Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  Show the children illustrations that come with the story.


Today is a special day in the Christian church. What is so special about today? (Palm Sunday: the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem and people cheered and called him a king.) We will be celebrating Palm Sunday today by (list the ways, such as: handing out palm branches, choir will sing a Palm Sunday song, congregation will sing Palm Sunday hymns, children will have a procession, will often hear the word Hosanna said).


Listen now while I read you the story and show you pictures of that first Palm Sunday. (Read a children’s Bible story version of the event.)


The people standing and watching Jesus ride into Jerusalem shouted words of praise to him, such as “Hosanna” and “Jesus is our King.” The word Hosanna means “praise God.” The people were so happy Jesus had come into their lives. He loved them, helped them, and made their lives better. What are some happy things that have happened in your lives? Tell me some of the things for which you would like to praise God. (Allow time for them to share. Be ready to help them think of things by adding your own experiences for which you can praise God, or by remembering some of the happy events in their lives or the life of the church or community.)


Let’s all praise God for happy times by shouting, “Hosanna!” (Ask them to do this several times. You could ask the congregation to join with you also.) Maybe you can make a list of some of the things for which you can praise God and draw a picture of one of them.


Let’s pray: Hosanna to God! We praise you, loving God for sending us your son, Jesus Christ, to show us your love and to help us live as your children in the world. Praise God! Amen.