Free Children's Sermons

A Servant Gift

December 21, 2014

Luke 1:26-38


Prop: Prepare a poster listing people who need help (see below).


Christmas is only a few days away. Are you getting excited about it? I hope we have all been trying to get ready for Christmas during Advent by using the ideas we have been talking about on the last three Sundays. We’ve talked about ways our church is getting ready by helping others, about listening to what Jesus may be telling us, and last week we talked about telling others about Jesus. Today is the Fourth Sunday of Advent and we are going to talk about another way to get ready for Christmas: by finding ways to be servants.


What is a servant? (Time for responses. Possible answer: a person who helps others.) A neighbor who shovels your sidewalk when it’s snowy (or rakes your leaves) is being a servant. A friend’s mother who gives you a ride to school is a servant. Your Scout leader who volunteers to run your troop is a servant.


When the angel, Gabriel, came to tell Mary she was going to be the mother of the baby Jesus, Mary did not think that was possible. The angel told her Jesus was going to be God’s Son, but  she still did not think it could happen. The angel said that with God, all things are possible. Then Mary said, “All right, let it happen as you have said. I am God’s servant.” She knew it wouldn’t be easy but she was willing to do her best and to serve God.


As I said earlier, on the Fourth Sunday of Advent let’s talk about getting ready for Christmas by finding ways to be God’s servants in the world. Let’s look at some possible ways God might show us someone who needs us to serve them in some way and how we might do that.


(Encourage the children to think of ways they might be a servant by helping these people in need.)

  •  a friend who is sad

  •  a tired mother

  •  a new child who comes to church

  •  a dad who is very busy

  •  a relative who is sick

  •  people who are hungry 

  • a neighbor whose newspaper is blowing around the yard


Let’s each get ready for Christmas today and in the days until Christmas by finding ways to be servants to others.


Let’s pray: As we wait for the coming of Christmas, Lord, help us to be willing to think of ways we can serve others. Be in our hearts and minds so we don’t miss opportunities to be servants. We pray in the name of your wonderful Son, Jesus, who was the best servant of all. Amen.