Free Children's Sermons

Waiting for Christmas

November 30, 2014

Mark 13:24-37


Prop: A small gift-wrapped box and a picture of Jesus’ birth; knowledge of what your congregation does to help others at Christmas time, such as collecting gifts for children in need or caroling.


In just a little over four weeks it will be Christmas. When I was your age I remember getting very excited about Christmas because it was full of so many exciting things. I am sure you are looking forward to Christmas just as much as I was when I was a child. Tell me: what do you think is the best thing about Christmas? (Response time.) According to all the ads, it seems as if many people think the best thing about the season is getting what you want for Christmas. (Hold up the wrapped gift.)


Another good thing about Christmas is giving someone else a gift. How many of you think it is fun deciding what you will give to other people for Christmas? (Show of hands.) Why do you enjoy giving someone a Christmas gift? (Call on one of the children who held up their hand.) Choosing just the right gift for someone else can really feel good, right? When someone is really pleased it makes us feel really good, doesn’t it?


Who knows about the first Christmas gift that was ever given? (Hold up picture of Jesus’ birth.) This is what God gave the world on the very first Christmas: Jesus. It must have made God feel really good to know that giving the world the gift of Jesus was going to change everything. The world was going to be a better place because of Jesus, what Jesus did while he was on the earth,  and what Jesus did by dying on the cross and rising again. It was all a great gift of love.


We celebrate Advent on the four Sundays before Christmas. This is the First Sunday of Advent. During Advent we take time to get ready for Christmas. Many people get ready for Christmas by putting up a tree and other decorations, buying gifts, making special food, and having parties or celebrations. These things are all fun, but Advent is also a time to remember why God sent us the wonderful gift of Jesus. When we remember that Jesus said we are to love one another, to treat others as we want to be treated, and to take care of people who are poor, hungry, and lonely, then getting ready for Christmas means thinking about these things. But, just thinking is not enough.


(Talk about what your congregation does for others at Christmas time. Explain how the children and their families can be involved in that.) When we think more about others at Christmas time than we do about ourselves, we are truly getting ready for Christmas in a way God intended.


Let’s pray: Loving God, you gave us a wonderful gift on that first Christmas 2000 years ago. Help us to think of ways to get ready for Christmas this year in ways that help others know you love them and we do too. We pray in the name of Jesus, your loving gift to all of us. Amen.