Free Children's Sermons


Easter Sunday

April 5, 2015

Mark 16:1-8


Prop: Enough stickers or seals with Easter symbols on them so that each child will have one.


Last week we celebrated Palm Sunday, and it was a great celebration. During this past week, however, we have remembered some of the sad days of Jesus’ last week on earth. Jesus was arrested and put in jail, he was whipped and beaten by his captors, he was brought to court and sentenced to death, some of his followers ran away and said they did not know him, he died a painful death on the cross, and he was buried in a borrowed tomb. Many of his followers were sad. They could not believe that Jesus could be so badly treated or even that God’s Son could actually die. But, three days after he died, they received a wonderful surprise. Jesus was no longer dead: he had come back to life and was with them still.


That is the event we celebrate this Sunday: Jesus is no longer dead! He has come back to life and is still with us! This is something that has never happened before or since. Easter Sunday is the most joyful day in the life of the church. Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus was God with us here on earth. Jesus died but he did not stay dead. He is alive! No other event will ever be more important or more joyful!


Before Jesus rose from the dead, people had church services on Saturdays. After God created the world for six days, God rested. The seventh day was Saturday, so from the time the sun went down on Friday night until it went down on Saturday, people rested and spent the day in worship and in activities that honored God. Jesus rose from the dead on a Sunday and from that day on, Christians celebrated this wonderful event by making Sunday their day of worship. Every Sunday is a little Easter for Christians and it is a day we celebrate what Jesus did on that first Easter over 2000 years ago.


I would like to help you celebrate Easter Sunday today by giving you one of these stickers. (Have some of the older children help you distribute the stickers.) You can put it on your shirt or on your cheek or arm, or you can save it and put it in a special place in your room at home. Each time you look at it, remember that Jesus is alive and has a place in your heart and life.


Let’s pray: Thank you, God, for sharing your Son with us and for returning him to life so that we might have him forever in our hearts and lives. We pray in his holy name. Amen.