Free Children's Sermon

Prepare for Christmas

December 6, 2015

Luke 3:1-6


Prop: You will need two candle cookies for each child. See last week’s notes concerning this. If you want to illustrate the road building segment of today’s message, you might use pictures from Bob the Builder or another children’s book about road construction. If you have a major road being built in your area, you might refer to that construction during the introductory part.


Have you ever been through a construction area where they are putting in a highway? They have very big machines that dig up the earth and move the dirt out of the way. Sometimes the road is built through an area that was hilly and they have to move the hill or go through the middle of it. Other times the original road is curvy and the machinery straightens the road. There are other machines that are used to pack down the road and still others to pour the surface material over the road to make it smooth and easy to drive on. 


It’s a big deal to build a new road or even to remake an old road. It takes a long time to do it right. The companies that make roads have built many other roads and have learned over the years how to do a good job.


This is the second Sunday of Advent, the time when the church starts preparing for Christmas. Today’s Bible story is about Jesus’ cousin, John. John had spent many years studying the Bible with teachers. He knew that all his knowledge and understanding of the Bible needed to be shared with others. Finally God sent him out to tell people what he had discovered in his studies. John said he was just like the people who go out and build roads. His job was to make it easier for people to know what God wanted them to do. They had been walking down crooked roads and wandering through hills and valleys. They were lost and needed someone to help them.


“Listen to what I have to say!” John told the people. “You have been doing things that do not please God. You need to change. You have been selfish. We all have more than we need; start sharing what you have with others. You have been cheating people and taking their money unfairly. Some of you have been mean and some of you tell lies about others and are grumpy. Think about what you have been doing and ask God to help you change. When you have done that, come into the river and I will baptize you. It will be like washing away your old life and starting a new life. Get ready! God’s Son is coming and I am helping you find the right path to him.”


During this second week of Advent, the people of the church are getting ready for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Here are two cookies for each of you, to remind you this is the second week of Advent, a time to get ready for Christmas. Don’t eat them until after worship. (Hand them out now or after prayer.)


Let’s pray: Thank you, Loving God, for sending us people like John who have helped us know you better. Be with us this week as we try to follow Jesus in our lives. We pray in his name. Amen.