Free Children's Sermons


Believing Jesus

August 2, 2015

John 6:24-35


Prop: Unopened items, such as a nut inside a shell, a package of seeds, a small packet of tissues, packaged mini-bar soap, a single-serving box of cereal, a sealed can of tennis balls, a sealed pack of cards. You will need to bring whatever it takes to open the items, such as a nutcracker to open the nut or something sharp to open other sealed items.


Today I want to find out what you believe. (Hold up an item and ask what they believe is inside, then open the item and show it to the children.) You were right; that is what was inside. What made you believe we would find that inside when we opened it? (Get their responses and then do a second item, following the same routine.) When we buy nuts or a package of seeds (or whatever your two items were) we are almost 100% sure what will be inside when we open it. As you said, we know that because we have bought that item before (and whatever else they gave for reasons to believe previously) and have seen that it is true.


Jesus was asked one day why they should believe he was sent by God and asked him to prove it. Jesus told them to do the things he had told them to do and they would see for themselves. If they spent time each day trying to make the world a better place, they would soon see that what he had taught them was true. Jesus said something like this: “Just do those things God has said through me and you will know God sent me.”


Jesus said, “Love each other.” He said, “When someone is mean to you, don’t be mean back. Be kind and loving instead. They may not catch on right away, but sooner or later they are going to see that being kind is better than being mean. They will never catch on if you are mean back. They will only understand that love is better if you are loving.”


Jesus also said, “If someone is hungry, feed them; if they are thirsty, give them a drink; if they are lonely, visit them.” Caring about others will not only make them feel better, it will make you feel better too. The more we love, the more love will be spread around in the world. The more love there is spread around in the world, the less room there is for hate.


Jesus was very wise. The wise things Jesus said were told to him by God. God sent Jesus into the world to teach us how to love one another. Seeing for ourselves that love works is like believing there is a nut inside this shell. When we see that what Jesus taught was true, we know Jesus was sent by God.


(You might give each child one unopened item to take home with them to remind them what it means to believe that something is true.)


Let’s pray: Loving God, help us to show our belief in you by living loving, caring lives. Thank you for sending us Jesus so we can know how to do this and help others to believe in you too. We pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.




Heavenly Days

August 9, 2015

John 6:35, 41-51


Prop: Bring an item with you that represents what makes you happiest. It might be your favorite  book, a picture of your family, a fishing rod or lure, a cookbook, a flower, or whatever.


I remember reading in a book once about a present a child gave to his favorite aunt, and when she opened the gift, she was so surprised and so pleased that she said, “Heavenly days! What a wonderful gift!” People don’t say “heavenly days” much any more, but it is a good expression of happiness. We are told in the Bible that when we die we will go to live in heaven and that heaven is a really wonderful place. It will be a place where we will be incredibly happy. “Heavenly days” will be beyond our wildest dreams!


We are also told in the Bible that no one on earth knows what heaven is really like, only that it will be good. When we are not able to know what something is like, it encourages us to use our imaginations . . . to dream a little about what we think it will be like. I, for one, would like heaven to be a place where (share the item you brought with you and relate why it makes you so happy). Doing this makes me happy, and I get a little taste of what heaven will be like when I do it.


What about you? What things or activities make you the happiest? Is that what you want heaven to be like? (Allow time for them to share.)


Jesus said those who believe that he came from God will some day go to live with God. When we die, it will be the end of our life here on earth, but it will not be the end of our life with God. Heaven will be more wonderful than anything we could ever imagine. Even when I say I would like it if heaven included (whatever you shared previously), I know that even that is not as happy as I will actually be when my life on earth ends and I go to be with God. I love living on earth and I hope not to soon leave it, but I know that the happiness I will feel with God in my “heavenly days” will be  something even better than anything I have experienced on earth. Wow!


Let’s pray: Thank you for the promises of heaven, Holy God, and for all the wonderful things that make us happy here on earth. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.