Free Children's Sermon


One Big Happy Family

October 4, 2015

Mark 10:2-16


Prop: Bring several pictures with you, preferably pictures of yourself and your spouse before you were married, a wedding picture, pictures of your individual children, a picture of all of you together. If this scenario does not fit your situation, modify it or use pictures of the family you came from or someone else’s family.


Let’s do a math problem. How much is one plus one? How much is one plus two? Usually your answers would be correct. One plus one does equal two, and one plus two would equal three, but I want you to see that sometimes one plus one equals one not two, and sometimes one plus two also equals one and not three. (Begin showing the pictures.) We were two separate people at the beginning, but when we were married we became one couple, one family.  As our children were born they became part of our one family. (You may want to explain that even when there has been a divorce, there is still the closeness of the children to the parents; or when the children grow up, go off to college and jobs, move away and marry, the family oneness can still be there.)


Families are important. They give us a chance to work together as one unit. Sometimes friendships can be like that also. We can feel very close to someone else; even if they are not one of the family, it feels as if they are. Sometimes friends move away, but when they come back to visit it feels as if they had never been gone. You feel like one person again. People even say their pets are part of their family and the people love their pets and the pets love them. They are one big happy family.


God made us and gave us the ability to love others. It was one of God’s very best ideas. God wants us to love one another just the way God loves us, so God gave us families. It may be a family that lives together in one place or it may be like a church family that gets together from time to time. (You might add other types of  “families” such as the feeling of family when you are at church camp, in the school classroom, doing a community project, cheering for your team at a school game, etc. Each of these is an example of togetherness or community, which we sometimes call family.)


Do you sometimes fight with your brother or sister or get upset with your parents? People in families do not always get along with each other. That is part of being a family. We are part of God’s family and we do not always live the way God wants us to, but that does not mean God stops loving us. Families work at finding ways to get along, and we are not always successful, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. We work things out. That’s part of God’s plan.


Let’s pray: We are part of your family; you are our heavenly parent, Lord. Help us to never be tired of working at getting along with one another, whether it is our home family, church family, school family, or whatever group we are in. We pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.