Free Children's Sermons

We Belong to God

October 19, 2014

Matthew 22:15-22



Jeremy liked to go to Sunday school. This week they were doing a play their teacher, Rachel, had written. They each had a part to play. This time Jeremy got to be Jesus and the others were Pharisees, some very picky people who worshiped in the same kind of church Jesus belonged to.


The Pharisees had lines like: “That Jesus is getting too popular. We have to stop him from teaching his wrong ideas!” and “Yeah, people should listen to us, not him!” and “Maybe we can trick him. How about asking him if we should be made to pay taxes to the king? If he says yes, that will make the people mad at him, because they think the taxes are unfair; if he says no, that will make the rulers mad and they will arrest him!” The Pharisees decided which one would ask the question and they all followed him up to Jesus, grinning happily, because they were sure they would trick Jesus this time. The questioner said, “We all know you always speak the truth and you are not afraid to say what you think. We want to know if it is right that we are made to pay taxes to the king or if you think it’s wrong.”


Then Jeremy (who was playing the part of Jesus) said, “I’m on to your little game, you tricksters! Go get me a Roman coin.” They did and Jesus says, “Whose face is carved into this coin?” They said, “The king’s face.” Then Jesus says this really great  thing: “Then give what belongs to the king to the king and give to God what belongs to God.” They couldn’t believe it! They just stood there staring at Jesus. They hadn’t tricked him at all. Jesus didn’t have to say who was more important: the king or God. They had to just walk away.


After they were done, the class talked about the play. They weren’t sure they  really understood it. Rachel asked them, “What are the things that belong to God?” “The trees, the sun, the oceans, and everything God made,” were some of their answers. “What about people?” Rachel asked. “Do all of us belong to God too?”  “Sure. God created us also, and you’ve always said we are God’s people,” Jeremy answered. “What doesn’t belong to God?” Rachel asked next. They started giving answers, like “our clothes,” and “our cars” but Rachel asked, “Aren’t our clothes and cars made from things that come from God?”


Then they caught on: Everything in all creation belongs to God. Our money belongs to God like everything else, and we need to share it to make good things happen. A person who follows Jesus, a Christian, is someone who tries to make good things happen. “This week,” Rachel said, “I want you to try to make good things happen. Wherever you are: home, school, or play, spend time making the things around you the best they can be. Then, next Sunday you tell me at least three  ways you made good things happen because you were living as though you belonged to God.”


How about you? Do you think you could make good things happen this week also? I hope you will try.


Let’s pray: We are your people, God, and want to live as Jesus taught us to live. Help us find ways to live as your people this week. We pray,  in Jesus’ name. Amen.