Free Children's Sermons

God Loves Us No Matter What

September 21, 2014

Matthew 20:1-16


Today I want to tell you a story called “The Same Reward.”


One day Mrs. Steen said to her children, “If you will clean out the garage while I am gone on Saturday, I will give you each $5.00. The children agreed to do it.


On Saturday Mrs. Steen left early in the morning. John got up right away, ate quickly, and began to take things out of the garage. About 9:00 Lynne appeared. “I’m sorry.  My alarm didn’t go off,” she said and began to work also. Peter was up about 9:00, but went to play with a friend. At 10:00 he suddenly remembered about the garage, and hurried home to help. Eric didn’t feel well when he woke up and went back to bed. By 3:00 he felt better and went out to the garage to help put the last things back.


Mrs. Steen arrived home about 5:00. “The garage looks wonderful!” she said and gave $5.00 to each of the children.


“That’s not fair!” John said, “I worked harder and longer than they did, and I should get more!”


Mrs. Steen said, “I promised each of you $5.00 and you agreed to do it. The others did some work, and I want them to have $5.00 too. You still got what I promised. Can’t you be happy that I am so generous to them?”


What do you think about what happened in this story? (Time for their opinions.) Here are a couple more questions: Does God love us only sometimes or does God love us all of the time? (All of the time.) Does God love us even if we do something we should not do? (Yes) So, even if we don’t deserve it, God still loves us? (Yes. No matter what we do, God still loves us. God doesn’t want us to do those things, but loves us and gives us a chance to change. We do not have to be good for God to love us, but when we try to do better we are showing our love for God.)


Jesus told a story very much like the one you just heard. He wanted to show his listeners that God loves everyone, no matter who they are or what they are like. We may think it is unfair for God to love someone who has done little to deserve it, but we do not have to earn God’s love. We all sin, but God loves us all the same. We should be grateful and very happy about that. Jesus told a story like this in Matthew 20:1-16. I hope you will look at it to learn more about God’s unconditional love.


Let’s pray: Wonderful, loving God, thank you for loving us, no matter what. Forgive us when we fail and help us to follow you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.