Free Children's Sermons


Lent: Quiet Worship

March 8, 2015

John 2:13-22


On this Third Sunday in Lent, I want to tell you another story about Kelly. In the last two weeks’ stories, Kelly learned what it meant to be tempted and what it meant to be brave. Today Kelly learns about quiet worship.


Kelly liked sitting next to her mother in church. She felt comfortable there. Today her mother had on a satin blouse. It was smooth and soft when Kelly laid her cheek next to it. When Kelly ran her hand down her mother’s sleeve, her mother looked down at her and smiled. Kelly snuggled in closer and closed her eyes. It seemed as though when her eyes were closed she was able to hear sounds better. She heard the scratch of her dad’s pencil as he wrote down a prayer request and she heard the Johnson baby cooing in the back pew.


When she heard Mary Morgan start playing  the first hymn on the organ, she opened her eyes and found the page in the hymnal it was on. It was one she knew and she sang along with everyone else.  During Pastor McClelland’s sermon, Kelly drew several pictures on the paper in her activity bag. She showed each of them to her dad and whispered to him what they were. After the third time he turned to her, put his finger to his lips, and said softly, “Shhh,” and shook his head.


At noon lunch she asked her dad, “Why are we supposed to be so quiet in church?”  “Well, Kelly, we come to God’s house on Sundays to worship God. We are not in worship to talk to the people around us. We can do that before and after worship. We are there to spend time praising and thanking God, asking God to help us, and learning what it means to be God’s people. If we aren’t listening to the Bible reading, sermon, and music, or participating in the music and responses, we are missing some of the chances to listen for God’s voice speaking to us.”


“I’ve never heard God’s voice, Daddy,” Kelly said and then she asked, “What does God’s voice sound like?”  “I think we hear God’s voice in other people’s voices more often than not,” her dad replied. “I hear God speak to me in the words of the hymns, responses, and in the music of the choir or organ. Today one of the hymn verses said, ‘Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love, show us how to serve the neighbors we have from you.’ It reminds me that the love in my heart for Jesus is shared with others every time we help someone in need. The words of the hymn are also asking Jesus to help us find ways to be good to each other. God speaks to us in the sermon and Bible readings and also in the ‘Minute for Mission’ we hear each week. We cannot hear God’s voice unless we are listening. One way to be ready to hear God’s voice is to be quiet during worship and by not whispering or talking when we should be listening.”


Kelly thought for a minute and then said, “Okay, Daddy, I get it. We’re quiet during church so we can listen to what God has to say to us. I guess we are also quiet so we don’t keep others from listening as well. I’ll try to remember that, but I don’t think it will always be very easy.”  “That’s okay, Sport. You don’t have to be quiet when we pray together, and you can sing as loud as you want to!”


Let’s pray: We have so much to learn about you, Holy God. Help us to learn how to listen for your voice, especially during Sunday worship. We pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.