Free Children's Sermons


Having Faith

July 5, 2015

Mark 6:1-13


Preparation: Think of a time when you did not feel you could accomplish something and another person’s faith in you helped you achieve it. If nothing comes to mind, try to recall an occasion that happened to someone you have heard about.


Today’s Bible story is about a time Jesus went back to where he had grown up. While he was there some of the people in the town gave him a bad time. They probably said things such as: “Who does he think he is? He grew up here; he is no better than the rest of us! How could a carpenter do miracles? His mother, brothers, and sisters still live here and they are certainly no miracle workers either!” Jesus heard what they were saying, but he understood that it is hard for people to accept it when someone they have known all their lives becomes famous. Sometimes it is because they remember times when you were not all that great, or they are jealous of what you have accomplished and do not want you to have all that attention instead of them. Jesus was able to heal a few people in his hometown, but not many, because they could not believe he was able to do great things. They did not have faith in Jesus.


What does it mean to “have faith” in someone? (Sharing time. Possible answers: to believe they can do something; to feel good about them; to know they are going to be successful.) There was a time when someone had faith in me . . . (or someone you know. Tell the story. Include your feelings about the event as well as the facts.)


It really makes a difference when you know someone is on your side, doesn’t it! It makes you want to try to do your very best; it can give you the strength you need to do something that may be very hard. When someone has faith in us it can make a big difference. The nice thing about having an experience when someone encourages us to do our best, is that we also will feel more like having faith in someone else. When someone is worried about a test for which they have really studied and thinks they are going to fail, we can help them to believe in themselves. We can tell them they can do it and help them to relax so they will remember the answers.


Sometimes we feel bad about ourselves because of unkind things someone has said to us or about us. It is hard to have faith in ourselves when someone tries to make us feel we are going to fail. We need to have courage, as Jesus did, to do what we can, to do our best, in spite of them. We also need to not say things to others that will make them feel bad about themselves. We do need to help people around us feel good about themselves, to encourage them, and to have faith in them.


Let’s pray: Loving God, thank you for having faith in us and helping us to do our best, even when we are not sure we can. Help us to remember to help others have faith in themselves and to never say things that make people feel bad about themselves. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.