Free Children's Sermons

The Loaves and Fish

August 3, 2014

Matthew 14:13-21


Props: A bag of fish-shaped crackers (enough for all the children who come up for the sermon); a copy of the poem below.


What is your favorite Bible story about Jesus? (Response time. Encourage them to give just the subject and not to go into details by just stepping in and giving their story a title, such as: the Christmas story,  healing the blindman, Zacchaeus in the tree.) One of my favorite Bible stories is the one about the loaves and the fish. I am going to read you a poem-story of it, and while I am doing that you may each take a fish to eat from this bag. (Start the bag of fish around the group.)


The poem tells what happened when a boy shared five loaves of bread and two fish with others:


      Jesus tried to be alone one day,

      But people followed him anyway.

      He healed the sick until day was done;      

      It was time for food, but there was none.


      A young boy offered what he’d brought along,

      With Jesus and the hungry throng.

      “Two small fish and five loaves of bread

      Won’t feed this crowd,” the disciples said.


      As the people sat on the grassy banks,

      Jesus took the bread and gave God thanks.                         

      He broke the bread and the disciples were sent

      Into the crowd. All around they went.


      5000 were fed before they were done,

      And there was enough for everyone.

      What started out as something small,

      With God’s help, was enough for all.


We do not know how it was possible to feed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two small fish, but with Jesus anything is possible. It might have been a miracle and Jesus made a thousand loaves of bread and 5000 fish out of what the young boy gave him. It also may be that the kindness of the boy made others in the crowd share with others what they had brought along, just as the boy had. It doesn’t matter how it happened; it only matters that it did happen.


One time, three children decided a vacant lot in their neighborhood needed to be cleaned up so they could use the area for a playground. Between the three of them, they were able to get other children to help them and by talking to the mayor of their town, adults helped them also. They were just small children, but they were able to do big things, just as the boy in the Bible story.


There are many poor and hungry people living in the world; some of them live right here in . . . (name of your town).  I am only one adult and you are only . . . (approximate number) children. What do you think we can do about the people in our town who need food? (Bring food to church or the food shelf, donate money, serve meals at a homeless shelter, help people who are home-bound, make a meal and invite them to come to it, and so on.) Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I will bring your ideas to . . . (the appropriate group in your church or community.)


Let’s pray: Help us to find small ways we can help people around us who need it, loving God, so that your love can make a difference in the world. Amen.