Free Children's Sermons

The Good News of Easter

April 27, 2014

John 20:19-31


Prop: A newspaper with a big headline; a copy of  a Bible.


(Hold up the newspaper.) What is this? (After they respond that it is a newspaper, read the headline aloud to them.) This was an important (exciting, horrible, etc.) event. When important or exciting things happen in the world it usually gets into the newspaper. After an election we look in the newspaper to see who won. Yesterday’s ball game results are put into the newspaper. When someone has a baby or gets married, we can sometimes read about that in the newspaper also.


Long ago, something happened which, even though it changed our lives forever, never made it into a newspaper. It did get told about over and over, and finally people began writing their memories of it. Eventually these writings were put together into what we now call the holy Bible. (Hold up the Bible.) The wonderful event that changed our lives forever was that Jesus, who had died on the cross, was alive again. The good news of Easter never stops being good news.


Last week we celebrated Easter. We heard again the story in the Bible (hold up Bible) of the women and men going to Jesus’ tomb and discovering he was not there. He had risen from the dead! He was alive! Christian churches do not stop celebrating Easter on Easter Sunday.


For many weeks following Easter we read more stories from the Bible (hold up Bible) telling about what Jesus did after he rose from the dead. He visited his disciples and other followers so they could see him for themselves. He spent time talking with them, helping them know they were to tell others the good news of Easter. They were also to share what Jesus had been teaching and doing over the three years they were with him. Jesus was going back to be with God, but he would be with them in spirit, to help them spread the good news all around the world.


The good news of Easter never ends. The Holy Spirit is working in the world so that what Jesus said and did will never be forgotten. The Holy Spirit is also working to help us not only remember Jesus’ words, but to live our lives in the way Jesus taught us to live and to teach others to do this too.


During the week, think some more about the good news of Easter and of ways we can tell others the good news that Jesus is alive and working in the world today.


Let’s pray: Thank you, loving God, for the good news of Easter. Show us ways we can help to spread this good news to others. We pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.