Free Children's Sermons

Solving Problems

September 7, 2014

Matthew 18:15-20


Prop: Familiarity with the story which follows.


In today’s Bible story Jesus gives his disciples advice on what to do when Christians are mad at one another. I am going to tell you a story about two friends who found a way to make up after a misunderstanding. Ashley and Allison had been friends since kindergarten. Every Saturday, if the weather was good, they went bike riding together. One Saturday, Ashley stopped at Allison’s house, but when she knocked at the door, Allison’s mother said, “Allison slept over at Bethany’s house last night, and she isn’t home yet.”


Ashley was very upset as she got on her bike to return home. How could Allison have forgotten about Ashley? Didn’t she like Ashley any more? Was she going to be best friends with Bethany now instead of with her? When Ashley reached home she put her bike away, went into the house, and turned on the TV. After an hour or so Ashley’s mom told her she couldn’t watch any more TV. Her mom asked, “Why aren’t you out riding bikes with Allison?” Ashley started to cry. “Oh, Mom, I don’t think Allison likes me anymore!” Just then the phone rang. It was Allison, but Ashley said she wouldn’t talk to her. A few minutes later Ashley heard a knock at the door and before she knew it, Allison was standing in front of her.


“I’m mad at you, Allison. I don’t want to talk to you!”


“I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you came today, Ashley,” Allison said. “Mom said you looked really sad when you left and I just wanted to explain.”


Ashley pretended not to listen, but Allison went on to say that Bethany’s dog had been hit by a car, and they had rushed it to the animal hospital. She stayed with Bethany while her parents stayed with the dog. Allison had been so upset she had forgotten about biking with Ashley, but as soon as she remembered she had called.


“We have been good friends forever, Ashley. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Will you still be my friend?”


Ashley saw that Allison could not help what had happened. She did still want to be her friend. Ashley said, “It’s okay, Allison. I hope Bethany’s dog will be okay. Want to go for a bike ride?” And they did. Matthew 18:15-20 tells us more about what Jesus said Christians should do to work out problems we have with one another.


Let’s pray: Jesus, you teach us to talk about the problems we have with one another. We are to ask for forgiveness when we do wrong and forgive one another. Help us to be good friends with others and to be good followers too. We pray, in your name. Amen.