Free Children's Sermon

I Will Give You Peace

May 1, 2016

John 14:23-29


Preparation: A copy of the story of Bear (below).


Each Sunday during the church service we “share the peace” with one another. The pastor says to us, “The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you,” and then what do we say? (Time for response.) Right! We say, “And also with you.” We are reminding each other that Jesus and his peace are never far away from us. Sometimes we forget that. I know I do. Sometimes I get worried or upset about something. I forget I don’t need to feel that way. I need to stop, close my eyes, and let the peace of Jesus come to me and let it calm me down.


Let me tell you the story of a little dog . . . well, not so little really. This dog, whose name was Bear, was big and fluffy; that’s why they named him Bear. This story is about a time Bear was not feeling very peaceful. Bear lived with three children, their mom and dad, and a cat. One day, when Bear was outside with the children, they decided to play a game of ball. They tied Bear to a tree because he got so excited during a ball game he would bark and jump around and try to catch the ball. It was boring not to be able to play ball with the children and soon Bear was sound asleep.


When Bear awoke, the children were gone. He listened carefully and thought, “I can hear them in the park where they sometimes take me on walks. Oh, I really want to go there too!” He pulled and pulled on his rope and all at once, snap! The rope broke and off Bear ran toward the park. There were children in the park, but they were not his children. He heard a noise and ran toward it, saw a squirrel, chased it up a tree, smelled something good, ran to see what it was and pretty soon he was lost! Where was he? Where were his children? Where was his house? Bear began to feel afraid.


He was so tired he laid down under a bush. “I’m so sad,” Bear whimpered. “I’m hungry and thirsty! I want my children.” Then, he heard a familiar voice. It was one of his children calling to him, “Bear! Bear! Here, Bear!” He sat up and ran toward the voices. They piled all over him, hugging and petting Bear as he jumped all over them and licked their faces. That night Bear and his family sat very close together, watching TV. As they snuggled, Bear thought of how anxious he had been and how safe and peaceful he felt now. Life was good again!


Being lost or afraid is not a good feeling, is it? Have any of you ever felt like Bear? What was it like? (Time for responses.) Bear did not know about the peace Jesus can give to us when we are afraid, but we do. When we are feeling anxious God sends us peace and comfort. “May the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you always.” And what do you say back to me? “And also with you.” I’m going to say those words to you again. This time answer me with, “And also with you.”


Let’s pray: Lord Jesus, may we feel your soothing peace and love always. In your name. Amen.