Free Children's Sermons


October 26, 2014

Matthew 22:34-46


Props: Prepare a poster with the words of Matthew 22:37 and 39. Leave a blank where each of these words should appear: love, God, heart, soul, mind, love, neighbor, and yourself.


More than 1000 years before Jesus was born, God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses. God wanted the people to have some rules to follow, so they would know what to do and not to do. These rules said: treat each other with respect, don’t lie, cheat, or hurt one another. They also said to respect and honor God. People have been trying to follow these rules ever since.


One day someone asked Jesus which of the Ten Commandments were the most important. Jesus told them they were all important, but he showed the people how they could really be boiled down to two commandments. (Show them the poster you have prepared.) The Ten Commandments were all about loving God and loving each other. Let’s say that together. (Prompt them to repeat the phrase.)


What word do you think is missing here? (Point at the blank for “love.”) (If they do not know, go back and say again what you previously asked them to repeat. Write in “love.”) What word do you think is missing here? (Point at the blank for “God.”) (Same process as above if they don’t know. Write in “God.”)


(Read the next part, through the blank for “heart.”) Where in our bodies do we often say we feel love? (Write in “heart.”) When we love with our hearts we are talking about a warm feeling we have about God. The next blank space is for the word “soul.” (Write in “soul.”)  Jesus said to love God with our “soul,” the special part God put inside of us when we were created. Our “souls” are the part of us that lives forever with God.


(Read the next part of the first commandment, through the blank for “mind.”) We are also to love God with the part of us that thinks. What do we call that part of our bodies? (If they say “brain” tell them “mind” is another word for our brain. Write in “mind.”) Jesus says we are to love God with every part of ourselves: the thinking part, the feeling part, and the special part. We are to love God in every way we can.


That was the “God” part of the Ten Commandments. The next part is the “people” part, which says do not lie, cheat or hurt anyone. This commandment starts out the same way the first one did. (Read “You shall...” and let them finish it. If necessary point to the word “love” in the first commandment. Write in “love.”) What do we call the people who live near us? (Write in “neighbor.”) When Jesus said “neighbor” he meant not only the people next door, but everyone in the world. Then Jesus tells us how much we are to love everyone in the world. (Say, “love your neighbor as much as you love...” and point at yourself. Write the word “self” on the poster.) Treating everyone the way we want to be treated is loving them as much as we possibly can.


Let’s say these two commandments together. (Read the poster message.) Try to remember these words and live them every day. 


Let’s pray: Help us to love you with all our hearts, souls and minds, Lord, and our neighbors as ourselves. Amen.