Free Children's Sermons

Helping Jesus

November 23, 2014

Matthew 25:31-46


Today is the last Sunday before Advent begins. We call this Christ the King Sunday. On this Sunday each year we talk about ways Jesus is our king. The Bible story Christian churches are reading today goes like this.


When God’s kingdom comes, Jesus will be like a king. All the people in the world will come to him. The king will tell some people to stand on his right side and others to stand on his left, just the way a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.


To the ones on his right the king will say, “Come into my kingdom; for when I was hungry and thirsty you gave me food and drink, when I was a stranger or had no clothes, you were good to me, when I was sick or in jail you visited me.” These will say, “When did we do these things for you?” The king will answer, “When you helped other people in the world, you helped me.”


To the people on his left he will say, “Go away from me; for when I was hungry, a stranger, naked, sick or in jail, you did not help me.” The people will say, “When did we ever refuse to help you?” The king will answer, “When you refused to help other people in the world, you refused to help me.” That is the end of the Bible story.


There are many people in the world who are hungry, thirsty, without enough clothes, sick, or in jail. Many of these people are far away in other countries. Some of them are right here in our city. In this story, Jesus says he is in the people who are suffering. Sometimes it is very hard to see Jesus inside of them, but that is the way Jesus wants us to think of them. Jesus is our loving king and we would not want our king to suffer, and we should not let people who need our help suffer either.


What are some ways we can help the people Jesus mentioned? (Go through the categories with the children and find ways your congregation or your community could help. Try to have one example a child can do.) To those who hunger: Bring food to the food shelf, deliver Meals on Wheels, bring canned goods to church on “Souper Bowl” Sunday, give to the Thanksgiving offering. To those who are homeless & thirsty: Help dig wells in drought areas, purify drinking water. To those who are needy: Give used clothing to Goodwill, make or provide baby clothes for hospitals or missions to give to poor families, volunteer at distribution centers. To those who are sick: Send cards or letters, visit, help with chores, provide meals until they can do it themselves. To those in jail: Pray for them, help someone just out of jail find a job, help their families. In all cases: Contributions of money to the church budget, mission budget, or community services would also help.


Most of us can give time or money to help people in need, no matter what our age is. Remember, helping people in need is the same as helping Jesus.


Let’s pray: Help us to always be looking for ways to help people in need, in Jesus’ name. Amen.