Sunday School Curriculum

Seasons of the Spirit 

Seasons of the Spirit is an international lectionary-based church school curriculum that builds strong faith communities by centering the ministries of Christian education, worship, and service around common scriptures each week. These resources invite your whole faith community to imaginatively engage scripture through activities, discussion, current events, and the arts, and sends them into the contemporary world as an arena to test, share, and live out their faith.

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Come Join The Circle: Rotation-style curriculum 

Imagine a rotation curriculum that provides all the teaching material in one package! Your leaders arrive feeling prepared and leave feeling energized. These rotation-style learning materials help create the kind of learning environment where the Bible is at the center and fun and creativity abound. 

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Crossings for Kids: Build the best faith foundation by teaching the eight core stories of the Bible 
Every Sunday school curriculum resource sets out to teach the Bible. But most don't teach the whole Bible. Crossings for Kids focuses on the eight "core" stories of the Bible and draws on children's multiple intelligences to explore a range of Bible stories in several chronological themes, pairing spiritual appropriateness and cognitive readiness. And it includes at-home materials to nurture whole families in faith.



Worship for Life: Equiping Children to Grow in the Community of Faith 
Worship for Life is a fully reproducible resource collection that offers congregations a library of 247 ready-to-use learning activities. It introduces the elements of worship and helps children to participate and delight in worshiping God through a variety of media and forms. This sacred time and space they share with God and with the faith community becomes and attitude of the heart, and a way of life.


Supplemental Resources
Choose from these wonderful resources to supplement your church school curriculum.