Adult Crossings  

Adult Study with a unique Bible overview. It explores what many scholars consider the eight core stories of the Bible. This is what theologian Walter Brueggemann calls "the primal narrative-that most simple, elemental, and non-negotiable story line that lies at the heart of biblical faith."  Click here for more information or to order.



NEW Adult Study DVD

The Transforming Power of Caregiving: Returning to Life after Caregiving Ends. Exploring who you are, now, as well as what you learned about yourself – and about life itself – during your caregiving experience can be an experience full of discovery and adventure. Click Here for more information or to order.


When Your Parent Needs You: A Guide to Positive Growth When Caring for Aging Parents.

Through interviews with caregivers and experts on aging, this DVD video addresses issues such as becoming your parent's caregiver, balancing work and personal life with the never-ending tasks of caregiving, coping with negative emotions and anxieties, and caring with compassion. Click here for more information, a sample and to order.

NEW Adult Study DVD

Embracing Forgiveness

Join popular speaker and author Barbara Cawthorne Crafton as she explores forgiveness. What It Is and What It Isn’tA 5-Session Study for adults and young adults. Click Here for more information.




NEW Adult Study DVD

Keeping the Fire Alive: Navigating Challenges in the Spiritual Life

The spiritual journey often twists and turns through uncharted and unexplored territory. Where do we go for direction? Father Albert Haase, OFM, mines the insights of our rich spiritual tradition, offering six 30-minute presentations that become a guide for the difficult terrain of the soul. Click Here for more information.



Embracing Spiritual Awakening: Diana Butler Bass on the Dynamics of Experiential Faith

This 5-session DVD Adult study explores what Christianity may look like "beyond religion and beyond the church." Click here for more information.



Reformation Roots 

Why do we have so many Christian denominations?

Is there really much difference between them?

The answers to these questions lie in the dramatic and turbulent times of the Reformation. Presented by top scholars, this high definition series brings to life the stories and struggles that still impact us today. Click here for more information or to order. 


Reformation Roots - Why Study The Reformation? from Select Learning on Vimeo.

Faithful Citizen: Living Responsibly in a Global Society.
This 6-session small group DVD study developed by the Center for the Congregation in Public Life explores two views of current American life - individualism and the common good - and asks how to faithfully respond to the interlocking global challenges of economics, ecology, security and health.

  • "Why worry about the world's troubles? I've got enough of my own!"
  • "Is my job going to China?"
  • "I've changed my light bulbs. Now what?"
  • "Why don't I feel safe? And besides, why do they hate us?"
  • "Why risk getting shots if plenty of other people refuse to be immunized?"
  • "How can we teach citizenship? We don't even have time to eat together!"
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Embracing a Life of Meaning: Kathleen Norris on Discovering What Matters 
This 5-session DVD Adult study provides a unique viewpoint of "what matters most" from best-selling author Kathleen Norris.
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Embracing the Prophets: Walter Brueggemann on Confronting Today's 'Pharaohs' 

Adult Study DVD
Walter Breuggemann, arguably America's leading Old Testament scholar and theologian, takes us on a wild ride through the poetic prophecy, drawing connections between Israel's sociological, economic and spiritual status and that of America today. Click here  for more information or to order.


Embracing Emergence Christianity: Phyllis Tickle on the Church's Next Rummage Sale. 
This 6-session Adult DVD study explores the changing face of Christianity and culture. Hear what best-selling author and authority on religion in America, Phyllis Tickle has to say.

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Embracing an Adult Faith: Marcus Borg on What It Means to Be Christian. In this 5-session Adult DVD study, small group participants are in actual dialogue with Marcus Borg as they honestly confront the big questions about God, sin, salvation, Jesus, community, and practice. Click here  for more information or to order.


Uppity Women of the Bible: An insightful and humorous exploration of often-misunderstood Biblical women: Ruth, The Song of Songs, Esther, and Judith.

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Prophetic Faith is a 7-session adult study and DVD that establishes a basis for planning and action related to social justice ministry. Click here for more information or to order.